We offer investors emerging market bonds.

Andesite Blue LTD offers bonds to UK ISA Savers and Institutions for terms ranging from 36 months to 60 months. The interest rate offered on most opportunities will be several hundred basis points over bank savings rate. The fund is focused on Ukraine as an emerging market for our unique bond offering opportunities.

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Primarily Property & hard asset backed Loans
Reach Your Passive Income Goals
Andesite Blue, Ltd. has an annual investment program that allows you to reach your passive income levels you desire. Contact any of our team members to learn more.
No fees
No fees
We don’t charge our investors any fees.
Maximum diversification
Maximum diversification
Andesite Blue LTD invests in a variety of industries including real estate, healthcare, IT, agricultural, and green energy. It is important to have a well diversified portfolio of investments.
Interest Payment Flexibility
Interest Payment Flexibility
Choose to receive your interest quarterly, annually or upon maturity.

Why you should Invest in Ukraine, watch this video!

Ukraine is open for business! As the country continues to undergo a seismic democratic and economic transformation, it is integrating ever deeper into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic architecture.

As a result of the steady pace of reform, stakeholders now believe that Ukraine is truly becoming an attractive place in which to make money. Investors have recognized that Ukraine has become a stable and predictable emerging market and that the availability of talented human capital and high-quality undervalued assets make Ukraine an excellent investment destination.

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Investment Areas

Type of Investments

There is no limitation as long as the project is in Ukraine and Andesite Blue, LTD approves of the investment. The categories of investment selected might include (but is not limited to) agricultural, dental, medical, green energy, real estate, technology.

Ukraine has many worthy projects needing investment. Here are some that we are currently considering:

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What is the Andesite Blue Bond?

Our company offers passive income emerging market bonds allowing savers and institutions to earn more income passively by purchasing bonds issued by Andesite Blue LTD of UK.
National Statistics Reported by HM Revenue and Customs that at the end of 2018-19 the market value of UK Resident Adult ISA holdings stood at £584 billion. This represents a 4% decrease compared to the value at the end of 2017-18. This was driven by an 11% decrease in the market value of funds held in stocks and shares. Cash ISA holdings accounted for 46% of the market value of ISA funds, an increase of 4% from 2017-18.

Emerging Market Bonds

According to the Bank for International Settlements Debt Statistics, the universe of emerging-market bonds has grown rapidly over the years—from $885 billion in 2008 to $2.7 trillion in 2020. Sovereign bonds—those issued by governments—comprise the bulk of the market, but issuance of corporate bonds is growing and now makes up 26% of the universe.
With interest rates in major developed countries near zero or even negative, EM countries and corporations have found eager buyers of their bonds as investors search for higher yields.
Vanguard Research reports that emerging-market bonds’ strong performance and attractive fundamentals have recently bolstered investor interest in the sector.

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